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Our Production

Injection Molding

Injection Molding Robotic Arms

Pad Printing

Mass Production Lines

QA Functional Testing

Packaging Assembly Lines

Packaging Heat Sealing Machines

Rapid Prototyping

Our team of hard-working indsutrial designers and engineers will help to provide honest advice and practical options so that you can make informed decisions about your product. We will be honest with problems we forsee in the product or design and will suggest improvements, to avoid costly problems later at production stage.


Our prototyping department is well equipped with machinery and dedicated team of staff with different expertise who can make a functional prototype within 2 - 14 days (depending on product).


  • FDM Machine - 3D plastic engraving


  • High Speed Engraving Machine


  • Electrical Engineers - PCB design, Motor design, IC chip programming, cabling, EMC & battery safety design


  • Mechanical Engineers- deisgn product closures, joints and housing, assess the efficiency of design vs injection molding & mass assembly to ensure testing standards are met (e.g. toy test requirement)


  • Hand-Made prototype craftsmen - Special mention of our dedicated craftsmen here too, because their hard labor to polish, paint, engrave and decorate each prototype is often unknown by clients. Our craftsmen help make the prototype look as close to the real product as possible. Most times, our clients cannot tell a prototype apart from a real end product. This is a big reason orders can often be pre-confirmed to our clients by Buyers, just by seeing the prototype we have produced for them.





We offer FAST and PROFESSIONAL prototyping services.

Mold Tooling

Our workers are well trained in electronic product assembly of a wide range of product types. Our QA quality control staff and production line managers maintain a routine system to maximize the quality output per day, while ensuring each products is inspected in different stages throughtout the production line.


Our mass production facilities include:


  • Injection Molding Machines

  • Robotic Arms for High Speed Injection Molding

  • Vertical Molding Machines

  • Electronic Assembly Lines

  • Product Assembly Lines

  • Packaging Assembly Lines

  • Pad Printing

  • Screen Printing

  • PCB Bonding & SMT (this is subcontracted to well equipped partner PCB bonding factory)



We are equipped with our own mold tooling department. What is this an advantage for you?


  • Our engineers can oversee each tooling stage. Mistakes or problems with the mold can be caught earlier. This saves valuable development time for repairs later

  • Your product design remain protected & controlled in our hands.

  • We can fix problems with molds immediately. This reduces the bottleneck in production. When molds can be fixed and return to injection molding as soon as possible.


We will provide advice on:


  • the min. no. of mold cavities you need to meet your requirement

  • how best to divide mold into separate parts for injection molding

  • how best to design mold to maximize mass assembly efficiency

Mass Production

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